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Special Thanks.
Willing and ready

Thanks for responding to my War on Terror report. Loved the positive feedback, however wasn't quite the response I was hoping for. Looking for something of more insight. Until then I'm going to re-post a new version of the report. Something a little more correctly explanatory.

I'm good for political conversation. Boredom. Give me a topic.


Holidays happen
For the next few days, preferably till after New Years. You do not have be here, I know I wont. Several MOD's are taking their break off for the holidays. There will be no one here to maintain both my communities. If users encounter a problem. I apologize. You will have to convey with these difficulties until a MOD is present. Understand that I do communicate, at all times with those I chose as MOD's. However each MOD is more than capable of meeting their responsibilities. I am not accountable for any mistakes they make or lack in attention to correct any problems. However I will take MOD authority from them if there is any misuse-age within his or her position. If a MOD happens to be here over the holidays. Please report to me if there were any problems suggesting a poor job or mistreatment.

Yes our MOD's are human to. However they have carefully agreed to the conditions and rules of being one. Our main goal is to run smoothly for the pleasure of members, both regular and newcomers. Dealing with situations professionally. Don't be afraid to come to me over our MOD's. Think they're doing a great job? Show appreciation, come tell me who deserves acknowledgement for their hard work. :) I reward with credit, money and special prizes. (Such as a 360 game pack or PS3 pack. Featuring several games of your choice.)

Hope everyone has a good holiday. Celebrate the new year! :) The human race is that much older.

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Request Note
Willing and ready

                            Sorry guys, my usual contact maintainer went MIA for a few days. I know the complaints have been up my ass about it. You guys should know I wouldn't post any rubbish about leaving things improperly maintained. As a matter of fact, once I clear out bullshit requests that waste my time over nothing brilliant. I'll need to get to the bottom of whom actually allowed the requests to pile up like so. Which I'm sure that person wouldn't have any fucking balls to admit a simple mistake. Obviously, since after almost two weeks the problem continued uncorrected. Not even a damn effort. I'm a little disappointed and have to sit on my ass for a prolonged period of time to fix this.

If this has caused anyone a great amount of frustration. Please, I understand. Bitching at me like a 5 year old isn't going to make shit happen. If you've had me on a waiting list for some time now. Simply drop me. Got any complaints, well I never told you to hold me. The loss is no skin off my back and I don't usually tolerate a demanding party with no respect for someone else's time. For the people who had the decent matter to take note of the actual problems. Thanks for being so patient and yes, you're suggestions are critical to any requests I had listed. Feel free to give way on any of your ideas. If applaudable I'll add you. If not, I'd have to hand you some bad news. No hard feelings, requested communities often look for specific details in a user to produce literature. I wont turn you away empty handed however. I'll give you a list of related topics that could use your abilities.

So my contact maintainer was just given the boot. Once he shows up I'll be able to address to him why. Just to let you know, if all else commonsense fails you. This situation hasn't gone unnoticed.

Thank you to my selected staff, for keeping alive my second community while I was away visiting family. Those people would include- [info]punkerbabii, [info]rikkusmiles and [info]cmdrpalmer. I'm grateful I have a seriously creative team. All credit was passed to the above users. So erm, I dunno. Go give them a big ass fucking hug! :)


Check my RP page to see what's new and hope everyone has had a fantastic weekend.

Deserving the brags
Color edit/Val
All right now you people are crazy. I don't think I could feel anymore successful within this project. :) 344 likes and 167 comments of positive feedback. Honestly I didn't even take the time to prepare anything subtle. While I like personal matters to stay that way. I have to meet you in the middle and say that I'm dealing with out of town business. Work related and I may have to pack up yet again if I want this job to stick. It's bullshit and tiring but not much you can really do unless you're the restaurant waiter, type. I've had my head ducked low under the pressure. The results I got in worked their way into the best motivation I'd had all week. :)

You guys earned it. So get your sick fill and gloat. lol

Color edit/Val
The past weeks been a headache but as they say; "the show must go on." I've hardly had any time to give my full attention to you're latest topic crazyrabbit666, for that I apologize. Busy with work related things and other. 

At any rate; this is what's new. I'd first of all like to thank [ Jason ] for taking my place while I was gone. Looking at his work now, I've realized I made the right decision. I'm pleased to hear you got along well with his guidance. I'm considering in making him a possible candidate for a MOD. If you would like to see this action take place, show your appreciation and vote Jason a MOD position.

Anyone who's just now catching up to the details. This is what's going on.
  • We've reached our goal for 500 pages within storyboard.
  • Jason recruited a good, fresh, 3 pages of interest. / Took my place for my five day absence.
  • Officially coming to a closure on Silent Hill RP story and thinking of starting a new one.
  • crazyrabbit666 announced a new RP which has a good start. I recommend joining.

I'm to tired to thank people properly for all their hard work. So I feel at odds with you giving me merits and looking like an ass for lacking the manners to give a solid thanks. Sorry if I deleted my other journals, I did however move them to my comm account. Feel free to browse though and tell me if you're interested in seeing changes with past information. Or if you have any idea's for something new. Criticism is welcomed with open arms. Give me something to fix or tell me It's perfect to proceed with.

- See you in two days.