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Request Note
Willing and ready

                            Sorry guys, my usual contact maintainer went MIA for a few days. I know the complaints have been up my ass about it. You guys should know I wouldn't post any rubbish about leaving things improperly maintained. As a matter of fact, once I clear out bullshit requests that waste my time over nothing brilliant. I'll need to get to the bottom of whom actually allowed the requests to pile up like so. Which I'm sure that person wouldn't have any fucking balls to admit a simple mistake. Obviously, since after almost two weeks the problem continued uncorrected. Not even a damn effort. I'm a little disappointed and have to sit on my ass for a prolonged period of time to fix this.

If this has caused anyone a great amount of frustration. Please, I understand. Bitching at me like a 5 year old isn't going to make shit happen. If you've had me on a waiting list for some time now. Simply drop me. Got any complaints, well I never told you to hold me. The loss is no skin off my back and I don't usually tolerate a demanding party with no respect for someone else's time. For the people who had the decent matter to take note of the actual problems. Thanks for being so patient and yes, you're suggestions are critical to any requests I had listed. Feel free to give way on any of your ideas. If applaudable I'll add you. If not, I'd have to hand you some bad news. No hard feelings, requested communities often look for specific details in a user to produce literature. I wont turn you away empty handed however. I'll give you a list of related topics that could use your abilities.

So my contact maintainer was just given the boot. Once he shows up I'll be able to address to him why. Just to let you know, if all else commonsense fails you. This situation hasn't gone unnoticed.

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