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Holidays happen
For the next few days, preferably till after New Years. You do not have be here, I know I wont. Several MOD's are taking their break off for the holidays. There will be no one here to maintain both my communities. If users encounter a problem. I apologize. You will have to convey with these difficulties until a MOD is present. Understand that I do communicate, at all times with those I chose as MOD's. However each MOD is more than capable of meeting their responsibilities. I am not accountable for any mistakes they make or lack in attention to correct any problems. However I will take MOD authority from them if there is any misuse-age within his or her position. If a MOD happens to be here over the holidays. Please report to me if there were any problems suggesting a poor job or mistreatment.

Yes our MOD's are human to. However they have carefully agreed to the conditions and rules of being one. Our main goal is to run smoothly for the pleasure of members, both regular and newcomers. Dealing with situations professionally. Don't be afraid to come to me over our MOD's. Think they're doing a great job? Show appreciation, come tell me who deserves acknowledgement for their hard work. :) I reward with credit, money and special prizes. (Such as a 360 game pack or PS3 pack. Featuring several games of your choice.)

Hope everyone has a good holiday. Celebrate the new year! :) The human race is that much older.

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Going to miss you! Have a nice time off and enjoy the holidays. Love you macho effect. xD

Awwwwww poo. >:*{ We need you and your muchness funess. x3 Hurry back Sheppers.

I'm glad to be breaking off! :33 Shepard's a slave driver! >:3 I'll see what I can do about logging in to check on things. Have fun pplz. *Peace sign* ^_^

Rabby :D love you girly carrot sauce.

Hi there! :33 Love you too cookie sticks. *Giggles*

Куда ты уходишь?

I'll be here to help with things. Except for on xmas eve and day. New years day also but I'll be here. c

Bye Sheppy! Have fun.

See you around Shepard. :] And thanks for the add. :O

Get some rest and be around your family. x'] You deserve a break. :O

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