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The past weeks been a headache but as they say; "the show must go on." I've hardly had any time to give my full attention to you're latest topic crazyrabbit666, for that I apologize. Busy with work related things and other. 

At any rate; this is what's new. I'd first of all like to thank [ Jason ] for taking my place while I was gone. Looking at his work now, I've realized I made the right decision. I'm pleased to hear you got along well with his guidance. I'm considering in making him a possible candidate for a MOD. If you would like to see this action take place, show your appreciation and vote Jason a MOD position.

Anyone who's just now catching up to the details. This is what's going on.
  • We've reached our goal for 500 pages within storyboard.
  • Jason recruited a good, fresh, 3 pages of interest. / Took my place for my five day absence.
  • Officially coming to a closure on Silent Hill RP story and thinking of starting a new one.
  • crazyrabbit666 announced a new RP which has a good start. I recommend joining.

I'm to tired to thank people properly for all their hard work. So I feel at odds with you giving me merits and looking like an ass for lacking the manners to give a solid thanks. Sorry if I deleted my other journals, I did however move them to my comm account. Feel free to browse though and tell me if you're interested in seeing changes with past information. Or if you have any idea's for something new. Criticism is welcomed with open arms. Give me something to fix or tell me It's perfect to proceed with.

- See you in two days.

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